CNC machining Services at Torch Mold: Torch has invested in its CNC milling and machining capabilities to enable a complete service in the manufacture of large fabricated assemblies that require machining operations for tolerance and accuracy of component, together with general machining of large diameter gas line spool inserts, shafts, bearings, flanges, skid assemblies and accumulator beds etc.

Most CNC parts are made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel or brass. Special grades can be obtained but may impact the delivery. Some features, such as square cornered keyways, can be difficult to machine and may involve the use of EDM or wire erosion. Depending on material type, fabrication is also an option and parts may be welded and dressed. Our CNC machining services can offer speed advantages, especially if post machining was a requirement anyway.

  • 5 HDD outbox
  • 4 Medical Stents
  • 3 vertical turret milling machine
  • 2 aluminum radiator
  • 1 CNC machining